freelancing since 2020, but still feeling very well described by the kind words of my former colleague and friend:
sebastian benjamin riepe is working as a communication designer in hamburgs most award-winning design studio called korefe.
he has the gift to sculpture the unsaid into design and video art. mutating thoughts and feelings into concrete contemplation. 
as a communication designer he focusses on art direction, corporate design, visual identity and moving images. 
seeking for the transition between moods and design.
next to being a designer at korefe, sebastian is working on a video art project called „optical longings" where he visualizes and transforms his own vision of electronic music into video art. 
you can see his passion for contemporary culture especially in the art of fashion, the art of living and also in editorials. sebastian understands the significance and context of all these various design disciplines.
he delivers great input and i just love working with him as part of the team at korefe.
christian doering
maison blessing
hamburg, january 2017